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A: GROWTH GUARDIAN FRESH ELIXIR is an all natural non-toxic

alternative to using chemicals and concentrates. FRESH

ELIXIR is a combination of natural occurring colloids,

nutrients, enzymes, organic carbohydrates and sugars with

natural soil and leaf litter microbes

Q: What kind of Microbes?

A: The FRESH ELIXIR blend of microbes is proprietary information.

Since we have a patent pending, our Attorney would prefer

we do not discuss this at this time...

Q: How does FRESH ELIXIR work?

A: FRESH ELIXIRcoats and encapsulates all plant structures on

which it is sprayed. It is a contact spray. FRESH ELIXIR is a foliar

food that is absorbed into the plant tissues. It enhances the

plants inherent immune system with special naturally derived

nutrients.FRESH ELIXIR helps protect against environmental

hazards while feeding and aiding in a plant's overall health

and wellness...

Q: How do I use FRESH ELIXIR?

A: When FRESH ELIXIR is initially used as a foliar spray, you should

completely drench the plant during any stage of the plant's

growth cycle (from seed or clones to harvest and beyond).

Depending on conditions, touch up spraying may be all that

is required afterward. FRESH ELIXIR may also be used as a soil

drench that adds nutrients to the soil while increasing the

population of natural soil microbes to increase the normal

break down of organic matter in soil. This aids and increases

the plant's natural uptake of nutrients promoting overall

health of your plants...

Q: Does FRESH ELIXIR need to be diluted?

A: NO. FRESH ELIXIR is specifically not a concentrate.

Concentrates can have unintended consequences when used:

Improper dilution causing unwanted residual coating, odors

or taste; can contain additives and stabilizers that leave

residuals; can contain other unknown products that do

nothing for your plants but are needed to make the

concentrates a viable product. FRESH ELIXIR is ready

to use "as is". Just pour FRESH ELIXIR in your favorite

sprayer(Backpack, tank, power fogger or hand held with

adjustable sprayer heads preferred) and spray away!!!

Q: How often do I need to use FRESH ELIXIR?

A: Plant's continuously create new growth and drop old growth.

Many people drench their mature plants once with FRESH ELIXIR

and then merely "touch up" by "hand spraying". Your local

environment will determine how often you need to use FRESH ELIXIR.

We recommend every 2-3 weeks as a Prophylactic and if

problems arise anytime!!!

Q: How much do I need to use?

A: This answer is our recommended guideline. It is not a strict rule.

Many users develop their own spraying methods. What's important

is that you help your plant become a healthy and protected as

possible. For mature plants depending on their size and "bushiness",

a gallon for every 18 to 24 plants is the generally accepted

norm for an initial application. Foe seedlings, clones and

plants in veg, a quart may be enough. Using FRESH ELIXIR

for the first time when your plants are mature, drench the plant

thoroughly. Coverage will be based on who is spraying, plant

density, type of sprayer and size of plants. Drench the canopy,

under growth, stems and growing medium. Do not worry about

inadvertently coating any surface around or touching your

plants. No harm will be done.

Q: Do I need to use protection and a respirator when I apply


A: GROWTH GUARDIAN FRESH ELIXIR is not for Human consumption.

Incidental amounts that would be expected to contact those

spraying FRESH ELIXIR are not toxic. Nothing used to create

FRESH ELIXIR is toxic, either as individual materials or in

combinations of individual materials. Since FRESH ELIXIR isn't a

concentrate, if applied as purchased and not combined with

any other product or products as a foliar spray or soil drench as

described above, there are no means of application that

would make it toxic. We have worked with and tested FRESH ELIXIR

for over 3 years without protection of any kind.

Remember FRESH ELIXIR is an all-natural non-toxic alternative

to using products which would warrant such precautions.

Everything used in making our Elixir is on the FDA's GRAS list

(which means generally regarded as safe). However, we always

recommend safe spraying practices for those using FRESH ELIXIR

RESPONSIBILITY: As Growth Guardian, Inc. does not control the handling, use and storage of its products offered and sold, we

do not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any and all claims, consequences and/or conditions arising out of the

handling, use and storage of its products offered and sold.





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